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Shooter of 2 NYPD officers identified
Police deploy at the scene where two New York City police officers were killed as they sat in their marked police car on a Brooklyn street corner on December 20, 2014 in New York CityThe officers were shot inside their patrol car in a Brooklyn neighborhood.

Chinese Annoyance With North Korea Bubbles to the Surface
A retired general’s scathing account of North Korea as a recalcitrant ally headed for collapse and unworthy of China’s support revealed how far relations between the two countries have sunk.

China Invests in Region Rich in Oil, Coal and Also Strife
China is turning the Xinjiang region into a national hub for oil, gas and coal as Uighurs struggle, resenting the reaping of their homeland’s resources.

Chinese pollution, American profits
China's severe pollution problems have been a boon to at least one big American company.
China Breaks India Monopoly on Nepal Economy as Investment Grows
In the dusty outskirts of Kathmandu, south of the Himalayan mountain range that holds the world's highest peaks, Chinese engineers in orange hard hats oversee construction of Nepal's first eight-lane highway. ...
Content-type: text/html Sunday, December 21, 23:10 (CST)Sunday, December 21, 23:10 (CST) 
I N S I D E   C H I N A
  D E V E L O P M E N T
Dr Yunus launches Grameen China - Prothom Alo (English)

Dr Yunus launches Grameen China
Prothom Alo (English)
Professor Xu Xiaonian, Professor of Economics and Finance at China Europe International Business School, Min Tang, Executive Vice Chairman of the YouChange Entrepreneur Foundation, Gao Zhan, Executive Vice President of Grameen China, among ...

and more »

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  F I N A N C E
HSCEI futures (DEC) down 40 pts at midday
Hang Seng China Enterprises Index Futures (NOV) dropped 13 pts to 11,074 at midday, with premium ...

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  T E C H N O L O G Y
Blacklane Car Service To Launch In Chinese On Baidu-Backed Qunar
Blacklane founders Frank Steuer and current CEO Jens Wohltorf.Blacklane founders: Frank Steuer and current CEO Jens Wohltorf. German chauffeur service Blacklane will be launching a Mandarin portal on Baidu-backed travel site Qunar in mid January. The partnership comes as Baidu makes a large strategic investment in US car-hailing giant Uber, as well as an investment in local Chinese car service YongChe this August. Despite their close proximity in the market, Blacklane CEO Jens Wohltorf insists that Uber, YongChe and Blacklane have specific strengths, and will not be directly competitive. “We have a pretty well differentiated product to Uber,” Mr. Wohltorf told Technode, “I’m not very concerned about this, we can learn a lot from Uber and I’m sure they can learn a lot from us.” Unlike Uber’s on-demand model, Blacklane services are ordered at least an hour in advance. The prices are predetermined and are not subject to price hikes. This may make Blacklane’s market entry more fluid compared to Uber, who have received condemnation for its surge pr...

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  S O C I E T Y
Air pollution policy making and social media in Beijing, 2011-2013
This article is by Johan van de Ven, whose undergraduate dissertation at Oxford University examined the effects of factors such as environmental movements, diplomacy and social media on air pollution policy-making in China. In a study conducted from June to December 2013, I quantitatively and qualitatively examined a variety of social media and mainstream media articles related to air pollution  and compared the results with government statements and policy making events, with the aim of answering the question: Was social media primarily responsible for government action on air pollution in China?
The results of a image search for 雾霾 (wumai), the Chinese characters for smog.  The results of a image search for 雾霾 (wumai), the Chinese characters for smog. PM2.5
Surrounded on three sides by mountains and in close proximity to a large number of coal-fired power plants, Beijing has been afflicted by serious air pollution for many years. This pollution is exacerbated by the rapidly increasing number of cars in the Chinese capital, but only since 2011 has t...

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  E D U C A T I O N
Inaugural National Cyberspace Public Awareness Week Urges “Rule of Law” and a “Harmonious Internet”
UC The Internet As reported by Qian Long Web Beijing, the city of Beijing just concluded a week-long, first-ever National Cyberspace Public Awareness Week, with the theme Encourage the Spirit of Rule of Law, Build a Harmonious Internet somewhat mixing the ideologies of Xi (rule of law) and Hu (“harmony”) at the same time. Since 2003, when Hu became a “full” PRC leader (after being president), the Internet has, except for a brief time at the start of his presidency, been increasingly ruled by a myriad of regulations. Xi, always in favour of rule of law (or rule by law?), has from the very start of his presidency pointed out that “the Internet is not a place where the rule does not apply”. Officialspeak leaders included the head of the Chinese Public Security Ministry’s Internet Security Bureau, Gu Jianguo, who pointed out in his speech that “the space of the Internet is a space of sovereignty” (the concept of national sovereignty on the Internet was a major issue of content in the recent Wuzhen sum...

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  S P O R T S
Winter sport and cultural events are a boost for Beijing's new Olympic Dream - Sports Features Communications

Sports Features Communications

Winter sport and cultural events are a boost for Beijing's new Olympic Dream
Sports Features Communications
(SFC) The Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games Bid Committee has a new goal to promote winter sports, and spread Olympic values, while encouraging over three million people residing in China to take part in winter sports. The committee has launched a ...

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